Simplify and Improve your Partners Relationships with a Centralized Global Payouts Platform

Scale your business with our globally accepted, fully costumizable prepaid card solution.

Customizable & Scalable

Our solution is tailored to fit all of your payment needs. Use our API to help launch your own card program

Prepaid solutions

Improve your business with our customizable prepaid card solutions. Our cards can help you offer rebates, rewards, and boost sales. Start integrating our solution into your business by filling out our forms today.

Global Issuance

Our Infinite Visa card can be issued globally so that you can serve your clients anywhere.

Instant Payments

Faster than ACH, and checks. Have the ability to fund and issue cards in real time.

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Scalable solutions

Build unique card programs with custom velocity and authorization controls.

Top advantages

Issue both physical and virtual prepaid cards. 24/7 business and tech support with feature request capabilities.

Card Issuance

Stradacarte allows you to instantaneously issue personalized virtual or physical cards which are linked to a digital wallet.

Card programs for
every industry

We serve a variety of industries such as:
– Media and Ad agencies
– Expense Management
– Crypto and FX
– Digital Banking
– Insurance
– Incentives and Rewards
– Small business lending

Quick & Easy Payments

 Trust a safe and efficient way to make payments anytime & anywhere.

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